Frequently Asked Questions

A & P Junk Cars is the best company for selling your junk cars and the free estimation service. We make sure that you get the correct amount of money.

We have many tow trucks that will pick up from the desired location. The charges are included in the contracts you will sign when hiring us. This allows our customers to save as you don’t have to pay for transportation, making our services cheaper than others.

We are not rigid about one specific payment method and encourage our customers to tell us about the process that suits them the best.  We try to pay the customers cash and on the spot so that they don’t second guess us.

When we evaluate a car, we take in the car’s model, the car’s condition, any damage or repair needed before giving you the car’s final cost.

We also deal in all kinds of cars and other related vehicles, so you don’t have to worry much. We are also open to any car models or state, even completely damaged/destroyed cars.

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