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Junkyard Services

Our Junkyard services are beneficial for both, either you want to sell your Junk Car or buy some auto parts you couldn’t find anywhere in the market.

A & P | Best Junkyard Services

Get Some Extra Cash

You can now get extra cash, just because you wanted to sell those eyesores, but without any additional stress. We will buy everything, i.e., junk cars and junk car parts also.

Removal and Disposal

We have the best and latest equipment needed to remove such scrap and the disposal of all.

A & P | Best Junkyard

Spare Parts and Salvaging Available

At the junkyard of A & P Junk Cars, the clients can browse and choose from the pile of salvaged and spare parts as per their need.

Top Auto Parts Junkyard in Tampa, FL

A & P Junk Cars is your local company. It started with one family, so we know how to provide our customers with the best services. Now, here at our junkyard, all and every kind of spare parts are available for our customers and at extremely discounted and unbelievably low prices.  This allows the clients to buy what they feel the need to have but was out of their reach.

At A & P Junk Cars, we allow you to use our junkyard services for selling your useless and rusty vehicles, which only serve as an eyesore and extra cleaning objective and nothing else.

Junk Car Buyers 87%
Junkyard 95%
Junk Car Removal 90%

Extensive Auto Parts in One Place

We also always ensure that you always get standard level services when we get hired. We at A & P Junk Cars are willing to take full responsibility for removing these junk cars and parts via the use of our corporate tow trucks. If anything is not useful for us, we will dispose of it correctly, relieving you of this service and saving your money in this field.

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